The sandy East Texas Soil and warm spring days help make Pennington Melons the sweetest in Texas. The Pennington Family raises over 500 acres of watermelons. which can be found in grocery stores all across Texas and the United States. Locally you can find Pennington Melons at three roadside stands located in Grapeland & Crockett, TX.


DOWNTOWN STAND - The Pennington Building on the Corner of Market & Chestnut Streets at the Blinking Light
HIGHWAY STAND - At the KB Express Exxon Station on HWY 287

CROCKETT LOCATION -  Corner of 4th & Bell Streets

WHOLESALE LOADS can be purchased at the Melon Shed daily starting at 6:30 am. Pennington Melons are available June through August every year. Call the Melon Shed today at
936-687-4710 to find out how to purchase Pennington Melons. Pennington Farms is a GO TEXAN member.

With over 65 years of experience, Pennington Farms continues to be innovative in it's farming practices. The Penningtons led the way early on  in the use of transplanting plants instead of seeds as well as planting under plastic mulch and drip tape irrigation. Another innovation is the new Pennington Red Diamond seedless.

The Pennington Red Diamond was unveiled in the spring of 2008. The Red Diamond is a seedless watermelon breakthrough combining all the most desired characteristics into one watermelon.

This new generation watermelon was developed for (ESL) Extended Shelf Life. The flesh is bright red and firm, with penatrometer readings ranging from 3-5, thus making it excellent for the processor or the cut market. Fractometer readings range from 11-12.5. The crisp sweet taste of the Seedless Red Diamond will always keep you coming back for more!

The seedless Red Diamond has a beautiful shiny dark green rind. The fruit is very solid with a smooth and slightly oval shape. The seed pips are very small and hardly noticeable. Because the Red Diamond is also very uniform, it has a reliable average weight and shape. In 45 count bins, melons will average 14-16 lbs.

With it's distinctive look, the seedless Red Diamond has become the melon of choice throughout Texas. Consumers and retailers appreciate the unique Red Diamond for it's transport and storage capabilities.

The seedless Red Diamond is a Growerís friend, a Produce Manís dream, a Cutterís Miracle, a Warehouserís king, a Processorís favorite, a Consumerís fantasy and a Competitorís nightmare all wrapped into one!

Try a seedless Red Diamond today
Itís a Gem of a Melon!